“Nature as an Architect” a Presentation by Ammar Khamash
November 16, 2017
19:00 - Auditorium du Carré
1 rue de l'Acierie, Luxembourg-Hollerich

In an atmosphere of heritage and aesthetics of the Arab culture, one of the most accomplished architects comes to the heart of Europe, Luxembourg. Mr. Khammash came to share with us the beauty of Arabic nature, and how it inspired creative works of art in architecture. He gave us, as representatives of Arabic culture, a reason to be proud of nature, art, and those who create it. Arabic artists have contributed over the centuries to human civilization, and propagated principles of togetherness, and inclusion.

‘Nature as an Architect’ – A presentation by Ammar Khammash

The Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange (AACE), together with Luxembourg Center for Architecture (LUCA), came together to invite the public to a presentation by the Jordanian architect Ammar Khammash. The presentation titled ‘Nature as an Architect’, is part of AACE’s program ‘101 Arabian Nights’.

Nature is often an influencer in the world of architecture, known as biomimicry, where biomimetic designs reflect the natural world.
Evidence of nature’s influences can be seen throughout the ages, from the natural symbolism of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, to the visionaries of our contemporary world who design buildings to complement the natural landscape.

One of those visionaries is the Jordanian architect and painter Ammar Khammash, who was here sharing and presenting his work, vision, and art creations. He aimed to preserve and extend a subtle balance and coherence between man-made, and the natural environment.

Ammar Khammash started his career in the late 1980s. His early projects focused on restoration and renovation of historic sites, as well as interventions within cultural and natural heritage. He increasingly became involved in numerous projects in Jordan, Oman, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, and the UAE.
Projects included hotels and lodges, restaurants, museums and interpretation centers, residential projects, in addition to projects of interior design.

AACE first Arabic cultural night, Ammar Khamash in Luxembuorg as Arabic culture ambassador.تهنئة للجالية العربية في لوكسمبورغ بنحاح الليلة الثقافية الاولى التي نظمتها الجمعية العربية للتبادل الثقافي وتسميتها للمعمار العربي المتألق عمار خماش سفيراً عالميا لها.. شكرا للجهود التي قدمت الجانب المشرف من ثقافتنا العربية هنا في لوكسمبورغ

Geplaatst door Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange op vrijdag 17 november 2017

The program '101 Arabian Nights' has been developed with the financial support of Oeuvre National de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte ('mateneen' call for projects).