Mahbas A Film by Sophie Boutros
June 8, 2018
Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, 17 Place du Théâtre, 2613 Luxembourg

Mahbas (Solitaire):
Is a Lebanese/Syrian romantic, comedy movie directed by Sophie Boutros and produced by Nadia Eliewat;
Both Boutros and Eliewat are the film writers too.
The film premiered in the Dubai International Film Festival in 2016 and released in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, and Palestine in 2017.
The film revolves around the story of a Lebanese mother who has developed a deep hatred towards Syrians as she lost her brother to a tragic incident during the Lebanese war. The memory of her brother’s death still fresh, keeps her hatred ongoing to the point that when she finds out that her daughter’s suitor and his family are Syrians, she is determined to stop the engagement. The film has a message of tolerance and forgiveness explicit in the two families comedic roller coaster ups and downs that eventually unravels the hatred in the end. Although the film targets the Lebanese and the Syrians, its message is applicable to other Arab neighbors and in general too.

A film by Sophie
Genre: Comedy/ Drama Duration & type: 92 minutes fiction
Language: Arabic with English and French.
Subtitles Cast: Julia Kassar-Ali El Khalil-Bassam Koussa-Nadine Khoury-Betty Taoutel-Jaber Jokhadar-Serena Chami -Said Serhan-Daniel Balabane-Nicole Kamato-Samir Youssef
Writers: Sophie Boutros & Nadia Eliewat
Producer: Nadia Eliewat Music Composer: Ziad Boutros Cinematographer: Rachel Aoun Category Film & Animation Licence Standard YouTube Licence

A Lebanese woman has never gotten over her brother's death during the Lebanese-Syrian war. When her only daughter gets engaged, she is shocked to learn the suitor and his parents are Syrian.