May 3, 2017
Abbay de Neumünster | Luxembourg-Ville, LU

On Wednesday May 3rd, 2017, the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg-Grund was the setting for the launch of the Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange (AACE) in Luxembourg.

With the tag-line "Culture for humanity", the association was launched in Luxembourgish and English.

Tarek Alnabhan stepped up the platform saying that culture can heal disagreements, and can bring people together, not separate them.

The AACE President, Nizar Al-Rawi, thanked everyone involved in setting up the association, as well as the volunteers involved in the evening's organisation. He explained that the Association has been set up to use Arabic culture for humanity. The mission of the Association is to gap cultural differences between the Arab World, and Europe in order to show the peaceful and beautiful side of Arabic culture. He added that the world has become smaller due to advances in communication and technology; similarly, the war in the Middle East has affected everyone world-wide. He acknowledged so many people welcoming and helping millions of people fleeing from war, bringing Arabic culture with them.

Arabic culture is among the richest in the world, and Nizar has called for the Association to use music and art as a conduit to bring solutions, and bridge cultural gaps to bring communities together. Painting, calligraphy, music, and a number forms of art will be used in workshops and exhibitions, to spread the Arabic culture among the young and old alike.

Nizar mentioned the Association's plans to hold an International Arabic Music Festival, as well as promote Arabic cinema, here in the Grand Duchy. This is in keeping with the Association's goals of promoting intra-cultural exchange of artistic forms, thus increasing values of understanding and tolerance.

Renée Aakrann-Fezzo, the Association's Secretary General, talked about the diverse backgrounds of the people behind the association, including the founding members. Bob Krieps, who recently retired from Luxembourg's Ministry of Culture, and a media personality, is the Association's Vice-President. Paul Thiltges, hailing from the film industry, is the Association's Treasurer. Fari Khabirpour, a renowned psychologist and psychotheorapist, and an avid art lover, as well as Pina Delvaux, a well-established artist, complete the committee.

Anwar Dragh and David Ianni (03.05.2017)

Anwar Dragh and David Ianni - the Iraqi composer and Luxembourgish pianist met 2 hours before for the first time in their life, to improvise this beautiful piece together on stage. Music creates cultural bridges, let's create some more#Cultureforhumanity

Geplaatst door Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange op donderdag 11 mei 2017

Following the formal part of the evening, the hundred or so attendees were treated to a range of Arabic culture, including a video on Arabic art as well as music and song, courtesy of the Luxembourg musician and composer David Ianni (piano) together with the Iraqi musician and composer Anwar Abu Dragh (Oud and Maqam), with a walking dinner concluding the program.