June 8, 2018

Mahbas (Solitaire):
Is a Lebanese/Syrian romantic, comedy movie directed by Sophie Boutros and produced by Nadia Eliewat;
Both Boutros and Eliewat are the film writers too.
The film premiered in the Dubai International Film Festival in 2016 and released in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, and Palestine in 2017.
The film revolves around the story of a Lebanese mother who has developed a deep hatred towards Syrians as she lost her brother to a tragic incident during the Lebanese war. The memory of her brother’s death still fresh, keeps her hatred ongoing to the point that when she finds out that her daughter’s suitor and his family are Syrians, she is determined to stop the engagement. The film has a message of tolerance and forgiveness explicit in the two families comedic roller coaster ups and downs that eventually unravels the hatred in the end. Although the film targets the Lebanese and the Syrians, its message is applicable to other Arab neighbors and in general too.

February 9, 2018

In 2009, inside the old city of Cairo, the life of Khalid, the young director, is about to take new turns. He has hopes of making a film about the city, and the dreams he has been carrying inside, while he dreadfully anticipates being expelled from his apartment. The woman he loves wants to immigrate outside Egypt; while all the time, he carries in his heart sweet memories of his childhood when Cairo was a brighter place.

The film Directed by:
Tamer El-Said (Director) and Mustafa Youssef (Assistant Director)
Scriptwriter: Rasha Salti (Screenplay and Dialogue)
Tamer El Said (Screenplay & Dialogue)
Staff: Khaled Abdullah, Mariam Saleh, Ali Subhi, Hanan Youssef, Haidar Helou, Laila Sami

February 6, 2018

عمل جديد أثناء التنفيذ..

Geplaatst door Mothana Alobaydi op donderdag 4 januari 2018

Date was set From February 6th to 17th,
First time in Europe! Was a solo exhibition of Arab artist Mothanna Al Obaidi, which he based on three axes: classical, and modern calligraphy, as well as sculpture. Mr.Al Obaidi offered workshops highlighting principles of calligraphy, as well as the tools used to create monochrome art works . He also gave a series of lectures to demonstrate the creation, history, and development of calligraphy, both in manuscripts and modern architecture. The exhibition will demonstrate the artist’s distinctive style, and experience.


Part of the audience, friends, and team of AACE during, and after the screening of the movie. The movie was hilarious, and left us all in giggles, as you can see in the picture.

A big thank you to those who came, and those who couldn’t, you were greatly missed. We look forward to seeing you all to watch Trio-Joubran together on July 26th.

It was such a heart-warming pleasure to have you as part of our evening last night. At the cinémathèque, we screened a Lebanese-Syrian social comedy called ‘Mahbas’. It was a wonderful mélange of nationalities, a true inter-cultural event that brought us all together. We thank all of you, who honoured us with their presence, especially our friends who made an effort to come from Belgium, Germany, and France. Special thanks go to Sophie Botros, the movie director … a truly fantastic movie to watch!

We look forward to having you again with us soon in our upcoming event on July 26th, 2018, to watch the magnificent Trio-Joubran perform at the Festival de Wiltz.

لقد كان من دواعي سرورنا القلبية أن نشعر بك جميعًا كجزء من أمسيتنا البارحة. لقد قامت الجمعية العربية للتبادل الثقافي بعرض كوميديا اجتماعية لبنانية – سورية باسم "محبس". لقد كانت الأمسية مزيجًا رائعًا من الجنسيات، تجربة حقيقية ومثال رائع علي ثراء النشاط بين الثقافات.
نشكر جميع من شرفونا بحضورهم، خاصةً أصدقائنا الذين بذلوا مجهودًا مشكورا للقدوم من المدن المجاورة مثل بلجيكا وألمانيا وفرنسا. شكر خاص لمخرجة هذا الفيلم الممتع صوفي بطرس، لقد كان حقًا فيلما رائعا يستحق المشاهدةّ!
نتطلع إلى مشاركتك معنا قريبا في حدثنا القادم يوم 26 يوليو/ تَمُّوز 2018 ، لمشاهدة الثلاثي المبدع الأخوة جبران كجزء من فعاليات مهرجان فيلتز هنا بلوكسمبورج.
نراكم قريبا.